Name; Trixxie "Hofferson" Virtuoso
IGN; liebnirGWAccount.5698
Affiliation; College of Synergetics
Career Choice; Crystallographer, has some surgical experience.(Graduated Synergetics College with seven degree's and a Ph.D)
Realm; Tarnished Coast
Age; 26
DOB; 19th December
Guild: Leader of LGBT (Our Sanctuary)

Greetin's and all that jank. Trixxie's mah name, unraveling the inner machinations of the mind is my game! Hit us up via a mail to the above IGN and talk sometime!

Donations made to the below address can be put towards: 1. The National Autistic Society. 2. A new Tablet (Cintiq 13hd)

There should be an option in the donation that allows you to say which one you'd like a donation to go towards, feel free to also message my tumblr if you do donate to double check I received the donation/request!

I'd be most grateful for any donations received for any of these goals! Having Aspergers Syndrome and ADHD myself, it'd mean the world to me if you could nudge even a little bit of money towards supporting both children and adults in the same position as I!

If you'd rather donate directly to the NAS here is their link! National Autistic Society Donation Page!


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